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yernlives asked:

Thank you! By the way, do you only enjoy writing creatively? Or do you also like writing school essays/papers?

I hate writing creatively tbh. It’s not my strong suit. That’s why the ‘poems’ are so short, they’re more like little outbursts of emotion rather than full length masterpieces. I can’t write an original story to save my life. There’d be to much I’d want to say. I’m good at writing a missing chapter or alternate endings because there’s context. As much as I love creating my own world, I get too absorbed in the details. I’d rather be absorbed into creating that universe than writing an actual story. Maybe that’s why fanfiction appeals to me :P

Yes I love writing articles and analyses for school! I love English a lot. Perhaps I like facts due to my ‘scientific’ mind. I don’t know, articles and analytical essays have just appealed to me more.

peohny asked:

Hey girl! You have a great voice that clearly comes through in your writing. My advice to you would be to proofread any sort of article you write 24 hours after you're finished with it :) As you grow so will your writing! Keep going with it if it's something you love to do!

Hi! Thank you so much! I’m awful at proofreading because I strongly dislike reading my own writing, but of course you’re right, - somehow I manage to spot mistakes still after the third proofread >.< Thank you :)

Anonymous asked:

Why do you want to be a doctor?

I’ve wanted to be one ever since I was young. I’ve always loved biology and I’m interested in both the fragility of the human mind and simultaneously the wonder that is the human body which whilst being completely amazing, can fail the best of people at times.

I loved being at the hospital. Many members of my family are doctors, and it’s really made me want to do what they do. I’ve seen them be able to do amazing things as a team, individually save someone’s life or at least try. The fast paced hospital is somewhere I’d like to be, it seems like a great workplace for someone like me. 

Truth be told, I’m still very caught between wanting to be a psychiatrist/psychologist or a doctor. Understanding human minds is a major interest of mine. 

I’m sorry this was long. I’ve been asked the question many times and have been told my answer was not good enough. I worry for my university interview, if I ever get one.

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